The second Sega Pluto has been found!

Remember the unreleased Sega Pluto prototype console we uncovered a few days ago? Sure you do. But do you remember how we said that the one other Sega Pluto known to exist was currently MIA?

Not anymore.

After seeing the story over on Destructoid, a regular reader realised that the peculiar Sega Saturn he had bought for $1 at a flea market years ago was in fact the super-rare Sega Pluto-01.

One. Dollar.

This fellow’s Sega Pluto looks looks identical to that of Super Magnetic’s aside from having a broken door hinge and for not having “Sega Saturn” printed on top.

Check out a full photo, complete with Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible, after the jump!

Sega Pluto 001

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