Plants vs. Zombies for the Mega Drive. In Russian. Yeah.

It’s a port of Plants vs. Zombies. On the Sega Mega Drive. In Russian.

This bizarre Sega trinket has found its way onto eBay where a lucky British collector managed to nab it for £13.50 plus £5.50 P&P. Nineteen quid ain’t too bad considering it’s coming all the way from Voronezh, Russia.

The eBay description details how this game was “Made on factory” and not from unwanted Mega Drive cartridges. It also states that the game is devoid of region locking and can be played on Mega Drives and Genesis alike. Whether or not this game is from the manufacturer of the Angry Birds Mega Drive game is unknown, but it’s safe to bet that they probably came from the same shady “factory”.

A Polish friend of mine once told me that both the Master System and the Mega Drive were immensely popular in Eastern Europe during the late 80s/ early 90s. He also told me that Russian developed consoles and game also made their way into Poland around the same time. So perhaps there’s an actual demand for new Mega Drive games in Russia and its neighbouring countries?

I ain’t got a bloody clue.

[Source: Game Sniped]

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