Canadian animator creates fake Drive Genesis intro

Canadian John Fraser has created a fake title screen for a reimagining of 2011’s Drive for the Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive. Fraser shared his method for making the intro on his Youtube account:

9-bit colour, divvied up into 4 palettes of 15+alpha colours each, just like momma used to make. built in slices in photoshop, and scrolled past each other at different speeds. the song was made with an emulator for the Yamaha YM2612, the chip used to create the sound in the sega genesis.

I haven’t seen the film Drive myself and therefore can’t comment on how accurate Fraser’s fake title screen is, but… Well, Mega Drive!

[Source: BuzzFeed]

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  1. The title screen makes me imagine taking an evening drive on an open highway with no destination.

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