Square-Enix's George Kelion confirms Nosgoth is in development

Following the speculation that development is under way for another Legacy of Kain action-adventure game, Square-Enix’s Community Manager George Kelion has shed some light on the matter in a statement sent to VG247.

Earlier in the year, information was exposed suggesting that we were to expect another title from this series. We saw references to “Nosgoth” in the AMD Catalyst 13.5 patch notes, a “Nosgoth” entry created in the steam database, and Square-Enix registering the domain name of “War of Nosgoth” back in February.

Kelion has put our curiosity at rest by confirming that “Nosgoth exists and is in active development” further informing us that “Nosgoth is set in the same universe as previous LoK games, but on a different branch to the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series. The community should not be thinking of Nosgoth in terms of a single-player experience.”

Kelion also revealed, that “Nosgoth is not being developed by Crystal Dynamics” and that it “is not a traditional Legacy of Kain action-adventure game”. So despite this exposure possibly being announced earlier than planned, these two facts imply that we are not to expect more of the same. Everything is very much still all up in the air. What would you like to see in another Legacy of Kain title? Let me know – comment below!


[source: VG247]

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  1. I jumped for joy, and then sort of deflated after reading it will not be handled by Crystal Dynamics. I hope it’s a good entry, and not some kind of filler

  2. “The community should not be thinking of Nosgoth in terms of a single player experience.”

    Of course I have just about nothing to go on, but that sentence is almost a deal-breaker to me. Soul Reaver thrives on solitude, and I hate the idea of shifting yet another great solitary experience with the illusory necessity of multiplayer. I know it’s just another leg of the Kain franchise, but if it’s not a Soul Reaver-esque adventure, my interest is already a bit deflated.

    • What insidious game are they playing at?

    • Michael Westgarth June 10, 2013 @ 6:12 AM

      I didn’t want to say anything, but my initial thoughts were the same. If it doesn’t have the same characters, developers, narrative direction or anything else LoK related apart from the “world”, what game is this?

      It’s been my personal opinion for some time that Square-Enix are simply reviving old IPs in order to get money to make more shitty Final Fantasy games no one wants.

      Granted Dead Ex, Tomb Raider and some of the other reboots/sequels.prequels/whatever have been good, but LoK? I dunno.

  3. Tommy Carver-Chaplin June 10, 2013 @ 7:04 AM

    Laaaaaame. I wanted a proper game ):

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