Sega Amusements find gold in Treasure Quest

It appears that Sega Amusements has truly struck gold in their partnership with coin-op manufacturer, ICE. Their game, Treasure Quest, is performing remarkably well in facilities across the UK and USA with it giving owners a return-on-investment in just 11 weeks and continuing to earn over £4000 in 4 weeks!

The game likely benefits from its simplicity. It’s a basic ticket redemption game where players spin a large wheel and win the amount of tickets they land on. Plus, it’s got a pirate theme and who can avoid playing a game that probably has more “Arghs” than truly necessary?

Has anyone seen this game at an arcade or other location near you? Did you win some tickets and exchange them for an awesome eraser?

[Source: Sega Arcade]

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  1. Michael Westgarth June 21, 2013 @ 6:57 AM

    Sega Amusements’ trailers are always so… Functional.

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