Company of Heroes 2 character General Winter added to Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed


If you’re the fortunate owner of a PC copy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed – which you hopefully are after last week’s sale – then you are also now the proud owner of a new playable character: General Winter, a tank-driving, Russian soldier from Company of Heroes 2. A free release from Sumo Digital, General Winter joins the already bursting PC roster with the likes of other exclusive characters Football Manager, Team Fortress and Shogun (from Total War.)

Although we’re probably pushing our hopes out too far at this point, there’s still a (small) chance Ryo is soon to join the roster and an even smaller chance our whole childhoods would be blown out of the water with a Mario Kart/All Stars cross-over – let’s keep our fingers crossed!

[Source: Destructoid]