Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 138 – Sega in Magazines

Sega Addicts Episode 138

On this week’s episode, Alex took a vacation and left me (ScottyMo) in charge to host. Against my better judgement, I accepted the challenge! With the help of Forum’s Editor, Brett Hatfield, and the Brothers Kyzivat, we discussed Sega’s involvement in video game magazines, and answered some great listener questions! It was a nice trip down memory lane, along with the occasional regret of remembering the 90s. In fact, there were so many “badical,” and “wicked,” magazine covers that we decided to link you to a few of them after the jump! In the meantime you can….

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Amazing covers, from an amazing decade:

First issue of Sega Visions

32 Bits of Blood & Guts

GamePro Street Fighter Constipation

GamePro controllers strangling child

GamePro freaky Sonic cover

GamePro Skateboarding robot (epitome of the 90s)

Video Game & Computer Entertainment Magazine

Bizarre Sega Saturn Add (see: deep)