Kevin Riepl's Aliens: Colonial Marines soundtrack can be streamed for free

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Easily the best part (and only good part, if you ask me) of the absolutely shocking Aliens: Colonial Marines is its Aliens embracing soundtrack which is now, thanks to composer Kevin Riepl, free to stream from his SoundCloud account.

Riepl is no stranger to videogame soundtrack composition, with his name appearing in the credits of Resistance: Burning Skies, City of Villains, Crackdown 2, several Unreal Tournament titles and much more. Unfortunately for me, listening to the soundtrack of Aliens: Colonial Marines triggers deeply buried emotions — the kind of emotions that make it hard to keep on going in this crazy world of videogames in which we live.

Maybe you’ll have a better time with the Aliens: Colonial Marines soundtrack than me. Have a listen and let us know how far you get into it before screaming.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting, Image: KendallightStudios]

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