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We will be recording our 140th episode next Thursday and that means that we’re looking for some great listener questions and comments! The topic of discussion is one that is near-and-dear to my heart as we will be talking about the variety of Looney Tunes licensed games that have appeared on Sega consoles. I’ve been a huge fan of Bugs Bunny and his friends since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and luckily there were some pretty decent games (but not all) created over the generations.

So, if you have some questions, comments or memories regarding Looney Tunes games or anything else Sega related please post them below!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve played any of the Loony Tunes games, but is it too late to ask some questions I should have submitted for the previous few episodes?

    Regarding canceled games, has anyone played the Starfox-like Geist Force for the Dreamcast since the nearly-complete build was released a few years ago? I remember reading about it in Official Dreamcast Magazine and being disappointed it wouldn’t get an official release.

    Regarding gaming magazines, I used to love EGM for what I perceived to be its very supportive coverage of the Dreamcast. They wrote for years about how much they loved Soul Calibur, and I recall them giving Sonic Adventure #3 game of the year honors for 1999 (against some stiff competition). I sadly didn’t start subscribing to EGM until right after 9/99, so I missed they reviews of SC, SA, and the other Dreamcast launch classics. Did any of you read that issue?

  2. Well lets ask the obvious Sega question…roadrunner versus sonic, deathmatch style. Genesis era sonic (no homing attack).
    Really, the only Looney Tunes game I ever played was Space Race. I was never one to care about licensed games or the types of games they usually were (platformers,). The same goes for Disney games, I only really played the Dreamcast’s Disney cart racer & and a little Kingdom Hearts. So what my comment really boils down to, is that I have no comment. Good day sirs.

  3. Can we get a game where you play as the Looney Tunes villains and get to brutally slaughter the hero’s? I could get behind that. The sequel could be other “forever loser” characters, Trix Rabbit, the lucky charms chap, etc getting their vengeance. My inner child is screaming for the blood of all those jerks. I know I’m not alone in this, right?

  4. i am sure you talk about taz-mania for the genesis, but i’ll never forget that taz was my first genesis game when i bought the console. i only have a nes until that point, i was speechless

  5. my first genesis game was taz-mania, and i´m sure you already talk about it today but when i saw those graphics i was amazed, coming from ghost and goblins and Mario. i thought you can´t get any better, is just like the cartoon. always on the looney tunes games i think there was so much work in graphics and sometimes the gameplay was not that great. especially when you compared to disney games on the genesis. maybe that is why there is not much love for those games among people.

  6. What was your favorite level in Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers? My favorite had to be level 6 with the whole Dr. Jackyll and Mr, Hyde theme going on.

    Also I haven’t many people ever mention Desert Demolition, while you probably have talked about it by now, I still have to recommend people who haven’t played it give it a go. I think it is one of the more fun games to attempt speed runs.

    Browser based Desert Demolition –

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