10-minute Yakuza Ishin trailer is awesome, yet sad

Watching Sega’s newly released trailer for Yakuza Ishin is like waking up drunk in a candy store while having diabetes. You know you’re not going to get any sweets, because your health condition is garbage. So, you get drunk and pass out in the candy store. Then security guard starts kicking you and yelling “We don’t love you anymore! Please, go away!” and you’re like “No, I want to stay”. And in the end you finally understand that there is no dignity anymore, only pain.

In other words, Yakuza Ishin looks great, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting a release outside of Japan. So, forget about epic samurai sword fights, forget about thick Japanese crime drama and especially forget about cute doggie at the end of the trailer. Forget everything and just leave me alone in my crumbling candy store of EMOTION.

[Source: Destructoid]