Game Gear fan invents TV output chip

game geartvpiuc

Close, but no cigar.

Ever wanted to play your Game Gear games on a TV, but just haven’t had the resources to? Well a Sega fan by the name of ‘eviltim’ has good news for you!

With the help of a new circuit board chip, you’ll soon be able to experience Sonic Triple Trouble and a bunch more handheld Game Gear ‘classics’ on your huge new TV. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you’ll be sorted out. The only drawback is that it looks to take up quite a bit of the Game Gears battery. But if you’re a fan of the system I assume you’d be used to battery problems, right?

Well if you can get used to that (and the fact that you’d be playing Game Gear games), you can buy the chip from the link above, though it seems the latest version of it has sold out. But if you like to tinker with your consoles, you’d do best to keep a look out for more extra hardware from this mysterious fellow in the future. I know I will… or would if I wasn’t too chicken to experiment with my consoles.

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