Sega Merchandise just in time for Christmas

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Tommo Inc. have produced for sale a range of phone accessories based of the older Sega consoles. we talking phone cases, phone case, more phone cases, and (my favourite) a nifty Bluetooth speaker! See below for a product list and prices:

– SEGA® Genesis/MD Controller Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Genesis/MD System Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Game Gear Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Saturn Classic Case – $24.99
– SEGA® Genesis/MD Power Partner – $69.99
– SEGA® Saturn Power Partner – $69.99
– SEGA® Genesis/MD Replica Bluetooth Speaker – $89.99

The product line will be available on sometime early December — just in time for Christmas. Does any of the range catch your eye?

[source: SegaDriven]