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Right before the start of Mountain Dew & Doritos Awards of 2013 a couple of images for the rumored Alien: Isolation game got leaked. Since nothing was announced at VGX by Sega, it would be safe to assume that it was another hoax created by fans. But I think we should still wait for the announcement.

According to rumors, Alien: Isolation is a survival horror game that will star Ripley’s daughter Amanda as the main character. And it is apparently being developed by Total War team, Creative Assembly.

Perhaps I just want to believe that a potentially good Alien game exists, but at the same time I think Sega will continue to use Alien brand as much as possible, despite their massive failure with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Hit the jump to see two leaked images in all their glory


Alien Isolation02Alien Isolation01

[Source: Hardcore Gamer]

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  1. Good grief do I ever want these to be real. We haven’t heard much about this game in a while, but that could be a good thing since we heard way too much about ACM before it his the shelves, and quickly the trash can.

    The fan boy in me is doing everything he can to not get overexcited for this game.

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