Ryo Hazuki DLC Available on PC Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed


Sonic & Sega-All-Stars series is all about glorious fan service digging up some crazy fossils, but you have to love what they did with Shenmu’s Ryo Hazuki DLC, now available for $1.59. Ryo’s vehicle transformations are based upon classic Sega arcade units; specifically Hang On, Outrun, and Space Harrier. Even more interesting is the Outrun themed cart has the license plate “SHEN 3” which can only be either a tease or a giant middle finger.

Seriously though, I have to question the logic of using Space Harrier for the jet transformation when they could have used the amazing, moving, vomit inducing Afterburner unit. I played that at an arcade in Disney World and holy crap could I use another go on it.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. I bet it’s because of AGES flight mode

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