Amazing drummer plays a Sonic tribute for YouTube

This video combines 2 of the absolute loves in my life: drums, and Sonic. No no, not in that furry way, but in the way that he is the reason I’m playing video games to this day. I’m not sure why I felt the need to clarify that…

More importantly, Steven Padin, in the video above, does an excellent job of playing through snippets of Sonic the Hedgehog’s soundtrack, along with some fine camera work.

The question stands, when will he debut his own mask?

Seriously though, Mr. Padin does an amazing job in this video, and I love the choice in wardrobe. Check out his other video tribute as well while you’re on his page!

[Source: YouTube]

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  1. I absolutely love his Final Fantasy VI mix 😀

  2. Is that… Jetstream Sam?!

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