New Bayonetta 2 trailer surfs online

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding Bayonetta 2, but finally during the latest Nintendo Direct stream we were presented with all new footage of the hotly anticipated action sequel. In the trailer (viewable above) we see more story footage, crazy bosses, and a gnarly as hell surfing section that takes the word ‘Badical’ to its logical conclusion: This game.

Though this new trailer is spiffy, a part of me can’t help but feel that if this were the 90’s, not only would Bayonetta be surfing towards an awesome dragon thing in the air, but also doing it in shades and with a sassy talking dog that raps.

In the meantime this less ‘rad’ version of Bayonetta 2 is still slated for later this year.

[Source: Destructoid]

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