Sonic is running through the world of Zelda in new Sonic Lost World DLC

You’re going to hear this thousands of times, but I’m gonna say it anyway. The new Sonic Lost World DLC is legen…. (wait for it)…. DARY.

Sonic has now been thrown into Link’s world (Sonic Link World?) with new downloadable content taking place in the Legend of Zelda universe. The trailer above does a great job of showing us what Sonic will encounter in this new environment. I have to say that this looks even better than the Yoshi Island tie-in they did. While some may say this is Sonic fan fiction running wild, I think it’s some of the best cross promotion I have seen since Mountain Dew became a health item. I’m beginning to regret that I only have access to the 3DS version of this game. Seriously though, it’s vivid and fun, and the ending of the trailer with the cuckoos is amazing.