Local Writer Eulogizes Her Sega Genesis


Few things delight me more than seeing the youth discover and love games I grew up with. Be it Nintendo, Genesis, Saturn, or even the 32x (okay, probably not the 32x), when young people who are growing up in the age of internet connected, Netflix streaming consoles; dust off the classics and find new ways to enjoy them, it puts a smile on my face. So imagine my surprise when I found an article show up in my Sega news feed about the Sega Genesis, written by a high school student. Not just any high school student, but someone who went to the same high school as me. I have literally never been more excited to write a blog post, because I knew this was going on Sega Addicts.

Central Bucks High School East writer, Tessa Kettelberger, wrote a beautiful eulogy for her now broken Sega Genesis console. The story describes the classic console as not just a game system, but as a piece of her childhood, and the loss as a metaphor for other big life changes. If you ever feel like there’s a lack of appreciation for the games you grew up with, give this a read and become hopeful.

[Source: Bucks County Courier Times]