Welcome to the new Sega-addicts.com!

As you can see Sega-addicts.com looks a little different now. Although, many people have grown attached to our humble former website there were many more fans who were hungering for more. One Sega Addicts podcast a week was not enough and as their hunger grew so did their rage. I knew something had to be done to stop these “Sega Addicts addicts” from their murderous rampages and black market banana sales but the only solution I could come up with was to give them what they wanted: more Sega Addicts. So, I’ve turned Sega-addicts.com into a blog that will be updated regularly throughout the week with news, features, reviews, and other neat stuff. It’s really the least I can do to keep the general public safe.

The site is still under a little construction and you will probably notice some changes visually and content-wise as the weeks go on. For the most part everything is functioning properly and we will be updating it regularly from now on. You can now register a username to start commenting on our posts as well as join our forum (coming very very soon) and start discussing all things Sega… or bananas.

I hope everyone enjoys this new direction we’re taking with Sega Addicts and thank you all for listening and making the podcast such a success!

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  1. Lookin’ good guys!

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