Shifting Sand Controls Sega’s Latest Arcade Machine



Sega have taken the genre ‘sandbox’ somewhat literally with their latest arcade innovation. Eederu Sunaba is an experience based around crafting a landscape from sand. Sensors determine the height and depth of the sandy structures as projectors add features like grass, snow and schools of fish. It’s dynamic, so as mountains and oceans are carved out by children’s hands the features are automatically changed to match the terrain. Whilst clearly targeted at kids, the eight-year-old inside me just wants ten minutes to recreate the Himalayas. Like the latest Yakuza title, don’t hold your breath for this coming to the west anytime soon. Nevertheless, it’s great to see some truly left-field ideas being put into practice by Sega. It can’t be any worse than when they tried holograms.

[Source: Engadget]