Sega Addicts Episode 10 – Alpha Protocol is Broken Bliss


This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about how great Alpha Protocol is, come up with new hit Sega Anime series, and have some explosive opening for Sega Addicts Mania. It’s a great time. Also, the header image is unrelated. Eat it, bitches!

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  1. *DING-DING* The electronic bell jingled as Nick walked in the gas station store, already unhappy with the snow. “Welcome!” Fuck you, Nick thought, glaring at the store clerk, a small girl, no older than 16. He sighed, knowing that his annoyance was unwarranted; not that it did him any good. He picked up a candy bar, energy drink, and fumed silently over to the checkout.
    The clerk rang him up, awkwardly fiddling with Nick’s card. “Uhm…I need to see some ID…..please…”
    “ID? The fuck for? This is an energy drink, I don’t need to be 21 to buy an energy drink.”
    “No…but uhm…..state law says you need to be….at least 16.”
    “fuck yourself”
    “I said ‘HM’!” Nick grumbled, slapping his ID onto the counter.

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