Sega Addicts Episode 19- Sheamus’s Potato Dungeon


This week on Sega Addicts, we say a sad goodbye to Tom by discussing another classic RPG of his choosing- Phantasy Star 4, with special guest Professor Segaface.  We also discuss modern changes that could be made to classic characters to make them more interesting and get perhaps a bit excessively in depth concerning our favorite video game controllers.  We will miss Tom dearly, but rest assured- we haven’t seen the last of him.

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  1. The neat thing for me about Phantasy Star’s item names, was it felt like legit future stuff. Telepipes, Trimates, Star Atomizers etc. The names are the same in Japanese, except in Phantasy Star 1, where they are similar enough but different. (Pelorie Mate) But it’s like future rations or something like that, similar to Calorie Mates now lol

    It is tough to understand coming into IV or even II without prior knowledge, especially since each game had a slightly different translation. (PS1 they were just translated to Burgers and Colas)

    Anyways, long time Phantasy Star fan lol

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