Marathon Hype: Why Soulcalibur with Fishing Poles?

For some reason, Scotty owns two, count ’em TWO, Dreamcast fishing rod controllers. Oh wait I know why, and it isn’t for Sega Bass Fishing as some would logically assume. Scotty owns two fishing rod controllers as any sane person would for Soulcalibur, which has been dubbed Pole Calibur by the Addicts crew.

There are two staples to the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon line-up and those are to begin with Sonic Adventure and end with Pole Calibur. Sonic Adventure is an entry point to any Dreamcast collection, whether people willingly admit it or not, hence why it is the entry point to the Marathon. But the Addicts make it fun!

I suppose it is fitting that the marathon ends with what some still consider to be one of the strongest fighters on the Dreamcast. Soulcalibur, er excuse me, POLE Calibur is a game anyone can jump in and enjoy – bobber and all. Amongst the weapons and unique cast of characters, Pole Calibur had an arcade appeal no other games did at launch. Combine these details with the amazing fact that you can use the Dreamast Fishing Rod controller, and you have the only way to end 24 hours of insanity.

But I am here to tell you that you will see what no mere mortal can behold more than once per year: Lizardman VS Lizardman AS Lizardman! With fishing rods! The final game and hour of the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon features a monstrosity that no home should be without:

The hype builds and boils as Lizardman fights himself in a battle of the rods. Few have witnessed this wonder, but this year we hope to change that and bring the creature to light. If Lizardman wins then we all do, right? Most importantly, we want the kids to win and you can help with that by donating to our Extra Life page right now. Help us out if you can, and we’ll love you for it! Can we stomp our total of $500 from last year?

Next week we will be discussing our amazing sponsor, Warp Zone, who supplied this year’s ultimate prize: the Sega Dreamcast console. That console could be yours if you stay active the longest in our chat while watching the Marathon!

In the meantime, I think I need to talk Scotty down from trying to find any excuse to use these rods as extensions of his own arms…