Marathon Hype: The Schedule

While Scotty is trying to figure out Pen Pen Tricelon’s lore, I think it is high time to announce every single game we are playing this year as we raise money for Extra Life! Get pumped, everyone! We have the schedule broken up a little differently this time around, because we wanted to squeeze in as much as we could from what you lovely people recommended on Reddit, and be sure to showcase some of the oddities and rarities of the lovely Dreamcast library. Without further ado, get ready to plan your September 9th:

7:00 AM: Sonic Adventure            

8:00 AM: Virtua Fighter 3 tb         

8:30 AM: Guilty Gear X   

9:00 AM: Tokyo Bus Guide

9:30 AM: Worms Armageddon    

10:00 AM: Jet Set Radio 

11:00 AM: Hydro Thunder            

11:30 AM: Trickstyle       

12:00 PM: Resident Evil 2

1:00 PM: Gunlord            

1:30 PM: Rush Rush Rally Racing

2:00 PM: Alice Dreams Tournament          

3:00 PM: Crazy Taxi        

4:00 PM: Dynamite Cop 

4:30 PM: Mr. Driller

5:00 PM: NBA Showtime

5:30 PM: Power Stone

6:00 PM: Shenmue         

7:00 PM: Official Dreamcast Magazine Demo Disc Jan 2001 Vol. 10     

7:30 PM: Sega Bass Fishing          

8:00 PM: Daytona USA 2001 

9:00 PM: Project Justice

10:00 PM: Illbleed    

11:00 PM: Pen Pen Tricelon         

12:00 AM: Virtua Tennis

1:00 AM: Rush 2049 

1:30 AM: Frogger 2 

2:00 AM: Cannon Spike  

2:30 AM: Samba De Amigo              

3:00 AM: Typing of the Dead 

3:30 AM: Marvel vs. Capcom 2    

4:00 AM: Millennium Racer Y2K Fighters  

4:30 AM: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

5:00 AM: World Series Baseball 2K2          

5:30 AM: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle            

6:00 AM: Pole Calibur 

And there you have it. Just about everything you ever wanted on the Dreamcast, and a few no one asked for, but darn it we are gonna make them entertaining!

Don’t forget that if you watch the longest and are most active in our Twitch chat that you could win a Sega Dreamcast console and blue VMU courtesy of our awesome friends at Warp Zone! Will you take home that prize? Or maybe one of the other awesome prizes we will announce during the marathon? Time will tell!

Starting Monday, and continuing each day up to the big event, the crew will discuss the reasoning behind this entire schedule as the hype train enters the station. By this time next week, you’ll be setting your alarm to wake up with these insane Addicts for your non-stop delirious day of Dreamcast devastation.