Sonic Generations Demo heading to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network tomorrow!

According to Destructoid, Sega will publish the Sonic Generations Demo on both Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network tomorrow for the official birthday of their beloved mascot! Also, keep your eyes open for those special offers on the digital market places!

My guess is we will be getting that E3 demo! Can’t wait!

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Big news INDEED.

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited for a demo.

  3. YES!

  4. This is cruel and awesome at the same time. Cruel because I’ll be in a car for 13 hours tomorrow thinking about how much I want to play this demo. Awesome because it will be the only thing I play when I return to my 360.

  5. now would be the worst time for another PSN hack

  6. Classic Sonic will only be playable in the demo

    Anyway, I’m still excited. I can’t wait to play and upload my first footage of the game. ^^

  7. I’m hearing it’s the classic demo only and it will only be available until July 12th.

  8. Classic Sonic being the only thing playable makes it all the more better. This will probably be on my HDD for a long time

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