More info on High Voltage’s Tournament of Legends for Wii has posted a new interview with Tournament of Legends producer, Keith Hladik. In it he mentions how the game originally started out as a realistic gladiator combat game but was given a fantasy setting due to the lack of creativity a realistic setting would allow. I would say the change was a step in the right direction as the original prototype, Gladiator A.D., felt a little generic and uninspired.

The game will have 8 characters from the beginning with 2 more announced as unlockables. Adding some variety and randomness to the fights each of the 8 stages will have a “guardian” who will occasionally pop out and attack the opponents in the middle of combat. At these moments the fighters won’t be able to attack each other and will have to focus on defending themselves instead.

Hladik goes on to explain some of the combat mechanics with each character able to pick from a variety of unlockable weapons and enchantments. Enchantments give the player more ways to customize they’re weapon with abilities like poison, which, (like in every game ever) continues to drain the opponents health after you’ve hit them.

Overall, I’m glad to see High Voltage Software take some different approaches to the established fighting genre. We need some more pick up and play fighting games like this that don’t try to be too hardcore and just try to be fun. Whether the game is actually fun or not won’t be known until it’s release on July 6th.

[Source: UGDB]

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