More details on new Yakuza for PSP

Some new details have been revealed about the upcoming PSP Yakuza game formerly known as Project K. The official name will be Black Leopard: Ryu ga Gotoku, which, when Sega definitely brings it to the West will probably be called Yakuza: Black Leopard. The game will be released in Japan on September 22nd and the main character is a young lad rather than Kazuma Kiryu.

I really hope Sega brings this to the west along with the other Yakuza games we haven’t received yet. I’m still waiting for Kenzan, Sega…  siiigh

[Source: SegaShiro]

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  1. 😀
    But the main character isn’t a lass, but rather a lad.
    Still, I can’t wait for this, Sega of America had better bring it over!

  2. True. I shall change that to lad.

  3. If this actually came out for europe I’d probably consider getting a PSP. I need me some more Yakuza

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