Tournament of Legends Trailer looks appropriately epic

High Voltage has released a new trailer for their upcoming Wii fighter, and it’s looking epic (forgive me for using that word).   The first two contenders, Jupiter and Kara,  are introduced with some of the most entertainingly bombastic prose I’ve heard in years.  If you close you’re eyes, you’ll find yourself waiting to hear that the soul still burns.  Seriously, listen to the character descriptions.  Real back-of-the-Genesis-box stuff. My favorite is the question at the end of Golem’s blurb, “But is he strong enough to become the King of the true King of the Gods?” … Beautiful.

The trailer also gives us the first real glimpse at the gameplay, and I’m honestly intrigued.  The moves look appropriately massive, with Golem sending stone fists up through the ground, and Kara igniting her enemies with electricity at every chance.  While not the most original attacks in the world, the battle looked genuinely fun, utilizing sweeping camera motions and huge effects to add to that legendary feel.  I especially liked the touch of the Kraken surrounding the stage.  Maybe ring-outs will finally stop feeling so anti-climactic.

The amount of Wii-waggle that pokes its head in periodically throughout the video may concern some, but it doesn’t bother me.  This looks like a fun, over-the-top fighter steeped in mythical imagery.  Wii-waggle is probably the best tool to crank up that ridiculous vibe to 11.

What do you foolish mortals think?  Is it strong enough to become the King of the true King of the Gods?

[Source: SEGA Europe Blogs]

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