Sega Addicts Episode 18 records tonight with special guests High Voltage Software!

Tonight the Sega Addicts are excited to be joined by special guests: Josh Olson and Keith Hladik, the producers for Conduit 2 and Tournament of Legends. We’ll be discussing their respective games, what it’s like working for Sega, where they usually go for lunch, you know the really important stuff. We will also be asking them some questions from you, our listeners. So, if you have something you want to ask about the Conduit 1 or 2, Tournament of Legends, or just High Voltage Software in general, please leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Question for High Voltage:
    Will or When does Animales de la Muerte come out?

  2. Is that Dreamcast shirt in the pic a real thing?

  3. Are the Drudge going to be less important with the spotlight focusing on more alien species or are they still the major enemy?

    Oh and where are all the Drudge weapons in Conduit 2?

    One last thing. When is the trailer from E3 being released for direct-feed?

  4. from watching the first look interview on the gameplay at the place in the ocean (first level) had metal/rock music? is that really in the game or was it just used for the video? another question i have been biting to ask is if theres any downloadable content by using wii points. like buying online maps, or more customization for your character. and my last 2 questions are there any new drudge weapons, and are there NPC’s that are your team mates and help fight with you and talk to you?

  5. One of my favorite parts of the conduit was the feel and look of the drudge weaponry, and I’ve noticed that no new drudge or alien guns with that similar biological style have been revealed yet; can we look forward to seeing some new ones revealed in the future?

    Are guns like the deatomizer and strike rifle which already have a charged shot going to be getting a new secondary mode like the other guns?

    Are you guys going to be releasing any cool artwork of new aliens, enemies, or other characters before the games release?

  6. haha i have a couple more questions. is the campaign mode in conduit 2 going to be longer than the 7-9 hour average of the conduit 1? and is the leviathan the only boss in the game or is there more bosses. if there is can you show some gameplay or concept art of that boss, or if there isnt any for the bosses at all, at least say the bosses names? and finally was the gameplay of conduit 2 at e3 the beta version? because the graphics dont seem to be improved much

  7. My question: Are you still looking for a currancy name for Conduit 2? If you are, may I make a suggestion? I suggest “Daos”. It stands for “Doritos and Orange Soda”. In addition to actually sounding really cool, it would be a huge nod to your fans. I hope you consider this.

    I didn’t actually come up with the name, but a whole group of people down at the Conduit 2 message board for GameFAQs. Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

  8. I would like to know if the Carbonizer Mk 16 is coming back for Conduit 2, it was the closest thing we had to a flame thrower. Also, how does the HVS Pistol work in multi-player? It can’t still be a one hit KO can it?

  9. I REALLY like seeing all these new names around here 😀

  10. Manic Maverick July 6, 2010 @ 8:42 PM

    You have 3 eggs. You’re scrambling them. Each of those eggs is a High Voltage game. You want to make that scrambled breakfast the greatest breakfast you’ve ever had in your entire goddamn life. The problem is, not all games go together nicely and would destroy your pan, meaning you’d have to go out and buy a WHOLE NEW pan and it would be very uncomfortable. So, you must get three games that would blend perfectly together. What three High Voltage games would you scramble and eat, and why!? For great breakfast.

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