Sonic Colors DS Has Screens, Boss, RoboChef

This must be the 'Grandma's Ugly Carpet' Zone

French gaming site Gamekyo has some brand new screens from Sonic Colors DS.

Like most of the writers here I’ve been a lifelong Sonic fan (durr) and we’ve all been a bit wary of the blue blur’s coming “return to form.” After 10 years (some would say 15 but I LIKE Sonic Adventure) of bad games anyone would be. But, I tell you, if Sonic Colors and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 are as good as they look I’ll forgive Sega and Sonic Team for everything. Maybe not that time I tried to rent Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast and it was scratched so I had to take it back and instead got Sonic Shuffle. But that was more Hollywood Video’s fault.

In the new screens you can see some bits of a few new levels, a boss and what looks like a robot Dr. Robotnik in a chef’s hat. They’re small but hey it’s a DS game.

Are you excited for the new Sonic games? Let us know in the comments.

[source: Gamekyo]

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  1. I’m more excited for the Wii version as it looks like it will play like the good moments of Unleashed which were amazing. This looks more like the Rush games, which, were decent but not something I’m really wanting more of.

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