New Aliens Vs Predator DLC coming tomorrow

Chest bursting it’s way onto PSN, Steam, and XBLA tomorrow, Aliens Vs. Predator is getting some new content in the form of the ‘bughunt map pack.’ These new maps can be used for a verity of online modes such as deathmatch, Predator hunt, species deathmatch, mixed species deathmatch, picnic deathmatch, cooking, baking, waltzing, racing, falling in love, and finally, domination mode. You lucky buggers also get two new maps for survival mode, because Sega honesty loves you.

Now, I never played the recent Aliens vs Predator game but I heard it was mediocre, so it probably is mediocre. But if you really couldn’t get enough Aliens Vs Predator online action then A) You’ll probably love this new DLC, and B) You’re mental, and you need to be committed. So there you go, new DLC for you tomorrow, to buy for the outstandingly reasonable price of 560 Microsoft points. Why not?

[Source: Sega]

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