Project Diva 2nd to feature collaboration with Idolmaster SP.

Okay, bear with me a moment, as this is about to get kind of weird. Idolmaster SP is a PSP music-rhythm and raising game where you act as the producer of a prospective musical idol and project her to the upper echelon’s of stardom. Project Diva 2nd is the sequel to the already released Project Diva, which is a music rhythm game where you play as Hatsune Miku, who already is a musical idol in the upper echelons of stardom despite not being a physical person, which plays much the same as your typical music rhythm game although with some neat customisation features and music video editing tech.

Basically, both of these games are going to be doing some kind of collaboration, which given the new Sega produced sequel will featured a Duet mode could mean that your Idols from Idolmaster SP will be able to perform alongside Hatsune Miku, presumably using your saved data on the memory card. So, the virtual idol you raised may be performing on the virtual stage with Hatsune Miku who also is virtual and yet at the same time actually is an idol who hosts live concerts on a real stage. Virtually. Geugh…

It could also just be related to costumes or the more usual kind of cross promotional material you find in Sega games lately, but given that it was part of a major Idolmaster anniversary event going on this weekend in Japan and still wasn’t fully revealed as to the details of the collaboration, I get the feeling it wont be something quite as simple as that. Either way, any sort of collaboration between Namco Bandai and Sega is pretty exciting news, especially involving two of their most lucrative franchises in Japan.

That is, if you happen to live there.


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