Sega Addicts: Episode 19 – Sonic Cartoons

This is Sega Addicts Episode 19. It’s kind of long. Not too long mind you, but one of our longest. Maybe it is our longest I’m not really sure and I don’t feel like checking to see if it is. I mean it’s not that important how long it is. It’s the quality of the content that matters, and this episode is chock full of quality. We even invited Mike Spooner from to help us discuss all things animated Sonic. He sure knows his stuff.

Outline below:

00:00:00 – Sonic Boom Sonic Boom Sonic Boom

00:00:52 – Introductions/Juice

00:10:43 – News

00:27:56 – Sonic Gems: Streets of Rage 1-3

00:53:35 – Main Topic: Sonic Cartoons

01:42:05 – Listener Questions

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  1. The header on this episode is brilliant. =D

  2. Manic Maverick July 14, 2010 @ 5:09 PM

    Yeah, Topher is my current caretaker. He found me sleeping in a gutter covered in hamburger buns. I was trying to keep myself warm and well-fed all at once.

    Speaking of nom-noms. The Sonic cartoons got me obsessed with chili dogs. Like…hardcore. I used to eat them all the time. Then I’d speed around the house and jump on people’s heads. Maybe that’s how I got into the asylum.

  3. Man, ketchup on mac and cheese does smell vile. True that, double true.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says. The people that suck at the Saturday Morning Sonic teat can take their ‘character development’ and ‘plot;’ the goofy, chili-dog eatin’, Scratch and Grounder havin’ Sonic cartoon will forever reign surpreme.

  5. Long John Baldry’s voice for Dr. Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic of the Hedgehog would have saved that show if I had watched it as a kid.

    Sonic Underground, yeah that needs to be torched.

  6. Just wanted to thank the guys again for having me on. Had a great time and it was nice having an outlet for some of my useless knowledge 😉

    One thing I forgot to mention in the podcast is that the Sonic comics by Archie Comics, which started in 1993 and were based on the production material from SatAM & Adventures, are still going strong 17 years later. The current writer and lead artist of the series are fans who grew up reading the comics themselves.

    The comics seem to have done a better job of modernizing Sonic’s personality for the 21st century. That said, the thing that was fun about Sonic’s dialog in SatAM is that you could often tell that the writers intended it to be more tongue-in-cheek than anything else, as evidenced by the way in which it visibly annoyed the heck out of Princess Sally.

    I didn’t mention this at the time, but SatAM was also the first cartoon to lift power rings and ‘roboticization’ right out of the games (with some dramatic flair added, of course). All of this was fleshed out by story editor Len Janson, along with one of the producers who worked on AoStH.

    You can really tell when the cast and crew enjoyed working on a show, and I think you can see that in SatAM and even in AoStH (despite the sloppy production)– not so much with Underground, and it’s no surprise considering the circumstances.

    Anyway, anyone interested in more of the nitty-gritty is welcome to check out my site.

  7. A listener question for a future podcast (where can, meaning where should, we leave these?) :

    Knowing how you bunch are obcessed with food trivia…

    Which was the biggest meal you ever ate in your entire lifespan? Christmas’ meals (or should I call it fooding arround?) and other festivities’ menus not included. And I am talking about one meal, not a day of meals, as it were. You have to had ate it all in one single meal, in a row.

    Try to beat my two personals records if you will (but you are not winning a Saturn on this one :p) :

    1. A whole roasted chicken with 500 gs of french fries plus two breads, 1.5 l of lemon iced tea and over one kilo of chocolate and cream icecream (with chocolates chips for those interested in details).

    2. A whole family-size pizza with two XL garlic breads, 1.5 l of Pepsi Twist and something like a kilo of cake for dessert (‘cookie cake’ is the literal translation, my english gastronomical vocabulary is rather lacking…)

    No, I am not training to become a Sumo fighter and I weight 80 kilos while I am 1.82 meters. Call them youthful indescritions bearing in mind these occured a couple of years ago.

  8. Mac and Cheese + Ketchup does NOT smell vile. It is the best, in fact. Actually I like to put chopped up hot dogs + ketchup + a little bit of honey bbq sauce. It’s fucking delicious

  9. @Raven – Every Tuesday morning before we record we post a blog on our front page stating what the week’s episode will be about and allow listener’s to post comments below.

  10. @Mike Spooner – Thanks for being on the show! It was great and it was nice having someone who was knowledgeable on the subject.

  11. for the love of all that it holy, do not watch the subtitled sonic x episodes on hulu! they are just as cesnsored as the dubbed versions! look up the fansubbed episodes on youtube. also, in the episode where sonic says ‘shit’ he actually does say it in engrish

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