Gamestop Offers DLC For Valkyria Chronicles 2 Pre-Orders

It just wouldn’t be a normal day without Gamestop offering DLC to lure in hardcore fans for a pre-order. Well, in this case, it might work a lot better than expected. Since Japan was slated to receive unique DLC for their copies of Valkyria Chronicles 2, it isn’t any less apropos that North America and Europe will be getting some as well.

Coming in the form of two additional missions, it should add a bit of length to the overall life of the title. While this seems interesting and cool, I can’t help but yearn for the days of awesome physical goodies for placing a Pre-Order with Gamestop, which I personally equate to making a deal with the Devil. But hey, at least I got something cool out of it, right? Either way, the two missions are:

• Exercise vs. Class E – An exterminatory war exercise against rival class E using all the areas of Leanbluff Forest. Destroy all enemies in each area to win this challenge.
• Exercise vs. Class F – A defense exercise against rival class F. Break through their stonewalling defense and take over their encampment to win this mission.

Gamestop is only running the DLC promotion is the United States. So if you want it, be sure to hit them up before VC2 releases on August 31st. Except for those in Europe, you can expect the game a bit later on September 3rd.

[Source: SegaBits]

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