Vanquish Director Discusses Graphics

Shinji Mikami talked to the Sega America Blog this week about the visuals of the upcoming game Vanquish.

I’m really excited for this game and Mikami gives some fascinating insight into what a game director thinks about. I especially dig how he differentiates between what makes sense within the game’s world and why that has to change when looking at it from the outside. He also answered some questions from the community.

You guys excited? I’m Excited. How Excited? Real Excited.

[source: Sega America Blog]

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  1. I am more excited for this game than any other Platinum release so far. Bayonetta was high on the list but I’m more of a shooter fan the “Devil May Cry” genre, whatever that is called.

  2. Uncharted 2 was my GOTY last year. It’s like they heard that and made this game for me

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