Sonic 2 ROMhack rags on Dimps, makes good points

The above video is an ad for a fanmade ROMhack of Sonic 2 that changes it to resemble the newer games made by Dimps.

As someone who’s not that excited for Sonic 4 and played the shit out of all the Sonic Advance games, I can’t help but agree with the points the hack makes. Sonic Advance was good but playing SA2 was like holding right to win. At a certain point you may as well be watching a youtube video of someone playing the game. Except for awfully designed deathtraps everywhere, Sonic Advance 2 provides no challenge and therefore no sense of accomplishment. 3 was even worse and I haven’t had a chance to play Sonic Rush on the DS yet. From what we’ve seen, Sonic 4 doesn’t look like it’ll have these flaws but I could be wrong.

You can download the ROM here.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. After pretty much living in Sonic 4 threads on SEGA’s forums I read all the complaints that were put out there so this video isn’t showing anything new to me but it’s still an interesting argument. Really hoping they find the balance between speed and platforming by the time episode 1 releases.

  2. I recently played Sonic Pocket Adventure on the Neo Geo Pocket Color and I think Dimps could learn a lot from the platforming employed in that

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