Vanquish gets new gameplay trailer

What do you get when you put Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War and Halo into a blender then strain the pulpy paste through the mind of Shinji Mikami? You get this new gameplay trailer for Sega and Platinum Games’s Vanquish

[source: Sega America Blog]

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  1. This has been one of the only games I can think about that’s coming out in the last half of this year. These months are going by way too slowly.

  2. Those cut scenes seem awfully generic, but a massive grin splits my face every single time I get to see a moment of gameplay from this thing.

    @ GamingFiend
    I hear you. This lull is pretty agonizing. Still, it looks like Sega’s gonna have one hell of a holiday season.

  3. @GamingFiend
    I’m thankful for the lull, but I have a backlog of games to play.

    This vanquish trailer tells me very little about the game, but so do most trailers.

  4. @Josh I thought the same thing. I was even worried about showing it to people after I’ve hyped the game so much for how it spins the space marine genre in such an interesting way.

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