10TTAS: Penny Arcade

PAX Prime is next month and nerds are all in a tizzy, especially our own Kris Knigge.

Hey, that nearly rhymed. I’m gonna try it again.

PAX Prime is next month and nerds are all in a tizzy, especially our own Kris Knizze. Can you believe just two guys and a webcomic started such a huge gaming con that brings people together from all over the country? Not only that but they started a charity and helped make webcomics the widely respected medium they are today. I’m a huge Penny Arcade fan as I’m sure most of you are too. I own all their books including the hardcover 11 1/2 Anniversary Edition and I check the site religiously. For years the first thing I’ve done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is check the PA site for the new comic to start my day off right. So for this week’s 10 Things That Aren’t Sonic I thought I’d flip through their archives for the thousandth time and pull out ten of my favorite SEGA references from Penny Arcade.

10. And For My Next Trick

To this day whenever I hear the song or it just pops into my head I think of this strip before I even think of the game.

9. Dreamcastu!

My love of PA is due in no small part to their love of my favorite console of all time, the SEGA Dreamcast. They had lots of great strips about the system (a few of which you’ll see in just a second). I love this one even more after hearing Jerry Holkins (Tycho) tell a story on the Retronauts podcast’s special Dreamcast episode about how the DC was really the first console that could tear him away from the PC and make him more of a console gamer.

8. E32k1: Despair!
This one isn’t even a very SEGA related comic but it’s always made me chuckle. I miss the E3 sketch comics Mike (Gabe) would do

7. For Mom and Dad!

The Dreamcast had a funny way of getting people who didn’t play sports games to PLAY sports games. It could have been that there weren’t enough games on the console and people were so hungry for more Dreamcast they’d actually branch out their interests or the awesome peripherals like the fishing reel. I even have some fond memories of NFL2K. I literally cannot name another sports game I’ve played.

6. Sega.Net: It Doesn’t Work(TM)

I think I’ve spent enough time in my articles talking about how awesome it was that the Dreamcast had a modem that let you play online so I won’t harp on it. But DAMN that was an innovation at the time.

5. Gabe: 0, Kara:1

Remember when console carrying cases and attachable screens was a thing? Whatever happened to that? Well I guess most consoles these days weigh 30 pounds and break if you breathe on them wrong.

4. Some Kind Of Show

Sonic Colors cannot get here soon enough. Seriously, how many goddamn different releases for Sonic 2 have there been? I’m sure some people like to have a DS or GBA or Gamecube or Xbox 360 version but I still play my original cart on the Genesis.

3. Get Down Tonite x2

You ever get so frustrated at a game that you actually gnaw on the controller out of anger?

2. It Might Be Five

I’m a big fan of the Sonic Adventure games but we all felt this way.

1. Sega Did What Nintendidn’t

This one might be my favorite PA strip ever. All us SEGA kids felt this way back in the 90’s. To this day that first panel is reenacted in my life constantly with games like Mega Man, Mario RPG and every Final Fantasy game.

God I love PA. That’s it for this week’s 10TTAS. Talk about your favorite PA strips in the comments and check out our thread. Thanks, Jerry and Mike, for years of entertainment and inspiration. Here’s to another decade of awesome strips. Enjoy PAX, everyone!

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  2. Well Penny Arcade is pretty popular

  3. I know, I know. It was more of a reference to me using it in my first article.

  4. Haha, there were a number of these I haven’t seen before. Awesome!

  5. “To this day that first panel is reenacted in my life constantly with games like Mega Man, Mario RPG and every Final Fantasy game.”

    That should probably be changed!

  6. Oh yeah. A couple of those have. I’ve played a couple Mega Man games though not a lot and I got about 20-25 hours into FFVII a while ago. I need to pick that up again.

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