10TTAS: Console mods

I swear this isn’t me.

Consoles are pretty great right? They can do a lot of really fantastic things. But can they be BETTER? Some would say you should add backwards compatability (except Sony), blu ray playability (except Microsoft) and fancy HD graphics (except Nintendo). All those things certainly enhance the gaming experience but there’s something really nifty about just tearing out your consoles innards and jamming them into something smaller/different colored/in the shape of your favorite 80s TV star. That’s why this week’s 10 Things That Aren’t Sonic is about console mods.

10. Dreamcast controller iPhone dock

What kind of dork would build this thing? Probably the same guy with 50 papercraft characters on his desk.

9. Dreamcast iMac

When a company halts production of one of the best and most beloved consoles ever made, the fans will inevitably find ways to help it live on. This guy did it by cramming outdated technology into more outdated technology.

8. Dreamcake

A delicious mod. I wonder if it works.

7. Portable Dreamcast

You might’ve heard the crew talk about this one on the new podcast episode. Check out the VMU built right into the front.

6. Al Qaeda mods Genesis cartridges into detonation devices

Not that I’m supporting terrorism or anything, but it’s nice to see someone find a practical application for modding.

5. SEGA Rally ’95 Celica

This one’s not necessarily a console mod per se, but I figured Mega Driving writer Bret Hatfield would get a kick out of it. A Sega fan modded his ’95 Celica into the ’95 Celica from the original SEGA Rally.

4. Dreamcast Millennium FalconMy inner 10-year-old lost his shit when he saw this.

3. MiniGenesis


2. Dreamcast Boombox

You can rock out to the sweet tunes in Jet Grind Radio like never before with this Dreamcast mod.

1. R2-D2

Not only is this super geeky and rad but it’s a handy space saver. Being a retro gamer I always have a ton of consoles stacked on top of each other under my TV and something like this could really help me keep this place in order.

Honorable mention: Portable Saturn

I already had a portable console on the list. While they’re certainly impressive from a technical and creative standpoint, they’re a dime-a-dozen. Every week you see reports all over the retro-gaming blogosphere about consoles shattering the tethers of the television set and wandering out into a brave new world of portability. Also it’s the only Saturn mod I could find.

Ok, folks that was a short one because I’ve been super busy this week! Check back next week for a more in-depth article where I explore Sonic’s handheld library in honor of the upcoming Sonic Colors DS release. Also be sure to stop by the forums and leave me some comments!

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  1. I’m in love with that Celica.

  2. I want that tiny Genesis. Mine Dreamcast keeps pushing my Genesis off my PS2. No room for all these consoles!

  3. @Matt
    Do you have a Genesis 3? Those things are plenty tiny.

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