Ryuji Goda is playable in the next Yakuza game

Man, I really need to play the Yakuza games. Mainly because they sound fucking awesome, and secondly because getting to play as the bad guy from one of the previous games, is an awesome concept.

That´s right the main bad guy from Yakuza 2 is indeed a playable character in the next Yakuza game coming to Japan. The game itself hasn´t been named yet but my guess is it´ll probably have a number in it´s title. Let´s just hope it makes it to Western territories, right guys?

[Source: Segabits]

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  1. OOOOOOOH shit. That’s totally rad.

    I loved the way they introduced this guy into the games. He’s known as the Dragon of …something, I forget which clan. And Kazuma is the Dragon of Dojima. So Goda figures there can only be room for one Dragon in the whole Yakuza. In Japan the game is called Like a Dragon 2. Do it’s Dragon 2 and it’s about the 2 Dragons.

  2. Just wondering, didn’t he die at the end of Yakuza 2? I never play Yakuza 2 so I don’t know what really happen.

  3. Sweet mercy, I’m ready to have sex with this game.

  4. Well I watch the recap of Yakuza 2(which was in Yakuza 3) and I’m unsure if he die at the end

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