Watch this Shining Hearts Intro Teaser, be interested.

Sega has a new trailer up for Shining Hearts, the next RPG entry into their long-running Shining Wind series, and in true teaser fashion, it doesn’t really tell us much.   It plays out like an intro for an epic anime, complete with pretty characters, gorgeous artwork, and ambiguously ominous imagery like a shining door and a key floating in front of a blood-red moon.  The video also showcases a handful of the game’s characters, including protagonist Rick, along with friends Amil, Neris and Airy.

We haven’t been given a US launch date yet, but this PSP title is more than 80% complete and will be coming to Japan this winter, so we’re bound to see more about it very soon.  I can’t wait, because this video has just left me indifferent.  I want to be excited!

[Source: Segashiro]

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