Yakuza 3 DLC is coming soon to your PS3

Do you like Yakuza 3? Do you like downloadable content? Well today just might be the best day of your life (next to that day you were found innocent)! The content itself, isn’t anything story related, but instead the ‘challenge pack’ you would have gotten if you pre-ordered the game like good boys and girls. The DLC is coming out on Tuesday and will cost $3.99. Yeah, it was free in Japan when the game came out, but whatcha gonna do?

The content itself will allow you to play some new mini-games and customise some of your characters costumes. So if you’re a completest and really want to play Yakuza’s version of golf and darts, you can look forward to Tuesday.

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. If this is the pack that contains the wrestling outfit then I suppose it’s worth purchasing.

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