Special Yakuza 5 Playstation 3 coming to Japan

Are you a hardcore Yakuza fan who’s also interested in picking up the new redesigned PS3? Are you ok with paying ridiculously high import fees and risking potential region lockout on certain games? If either of these apply to you, then this special edition PS3 is right up your alley.

The new 250GB system comes adorned with the emblems of the various clans from the Yakuza series, and also comes with the (in these biased eyes at least) very cool gold and black DualShock 3 you see above, and a copy of Yakuza 5. It’s set to hit the streets in Japan on December 6th, for 37,800 Yen.

A lot of people have been down on the new PS3 design, and aren’t digging this as much as the Yakuza 3 “fat” PS3 from years ago, but as someone who’s biased towards simple designs and these colors, I like it quite a bit. Anyone else liking this, despite it likely never coming to the west?

Source: http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/news/detail/590.html

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