Sonic Adventure gets a release date, price on Xbox Live

In what could be the most anti-climatic release of Sonic news ever, Major Nelson revealed that Sonic Adventure will be available for download on September 15th for 800 Microsoft Points. Since this information comes from Major Nelson  there is no word on when the game will be released on PS3 or PC or for how much. There is also no word on a release date or price for Crazy Taxi which was announced at the same time as Sonic Adventure.

Does anyone else find it weird how this release date is just listed there and there was no official announcement from Sega? I have a feeling we’ll hear more about this before the end of the day.

[Source: Major Nelson]

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  1. 800 is not bad at all!

  2. 800 Spacebucks, or ten dollars is the right price I think.

    Hopefully the release date for Crazy Taxi will shortly follow.

  3. I’ll be the first douche fanboy to complain about this not being released on September 9th. Why not 9-9-11, Sega? Why?

    There. I nipped it in the bud.

  4. I’m really satisfied with this price point. I had kind of assumed it’d be a lot more, considering some of the slightly overpriced iPhone ports.

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