Chu Chu Rocket coming to iPhone in October

Confirmed via twitter, Sega has revealed it is bringing the popular Dreamcast puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket to the iPhone, iPad and anything else with a lower case letter at the start of it. The tweet itself said:

“Enjoying #segagameday , new games include Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes ports, plus Chu Chu Rocket for iPhone and iPad coming in Oct!”

That’s right! In October you’ll be able to play Chu Chu Rocket on the go (if you didn’t have the GBA port that is). So good news all around on the Dreamcast’s Birthday. Showing that while the system has moved on into the game console heaven, it’s games still live on.

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  1. I never played Chu Chu Rocket, but if this comes out with a reasonable price, I’ll think about picking it up.

  2. gregory a. odeneal September 10, 2010 @ 7:43 PM

    perfect timing. i’m just now getting into iphone/pod gaming. had this thing forever. hopefully there’ll be less of the ipod/phone generation specific stuff like espgaluda II and dodonpachi. love those games, hate that i need to buy a whole new ipod to play them

  3. Why is this out on iPhone and not on XBLA? Dammit Sega I need my online multiplayer chu chu rocket for XBLA.

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