Sega Addicts Episode 26 records tonight!

The Sega Addicts will be recording their 26th episode tonight! We’ve taken a week off and spent some time finding ourselves and now we’re back with a vengeance. I guess you could call this Sega Addicts 2: Some Times They Come Back For More: The Revenge: Episode 26: Phantasy Star Series Part 1 (of 2): Available Now on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Anyway, with the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 next week I thought it would be a good time to discuss the beloved RPG series. Tonight’s episode will cover game 1-4 and everything in between. If you’ve got questions leave them below of course. They can be about any of the three topics: Sega, Phantasy Star, or Carpentry.

  • Yay! I never knew what was going on in the Phantasy Star games on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, so maybe this will spur me to try them again.

  • Favorite power tool, anyone?

    And out of the PS3 games in the Free Stuff Friday pack I won (STORMRISE, The Club, The Golden Compass, Resonance Of Fate, Alpha Protocol, and Vancouver 2010), which of these do you think I should play first when they arrive?


  • @Brett Hatfield – Bury The Golden Compass. After that, you could start with either Stormrise or Vancouver 2010. (Only if you can play a game without feeling obligated to finish it.) The rest of the games should be brilliant in comparison to those two first games.

  • If your playing Eve of Eternity (RoE) play it in jap/eng subtitles. The VA alone is a worthwhile listen to.

    Let’s see…

    – Play the GBA vers.of PSC? The Sega Ages PSG remake I and or II from Japan? (Worthwhile to buy?) And speaking of, how do you recover MP in PS? Without going to the hosiptal/inn or whatever it’s called… (all four versions).

    – Recommended grinding spots in all 4 PS games.

    – Story wise which was the better game?

    – Anyone of you play the Gaiden series? PSA I and/or II, or Text adventures?

    – Favorite PSO game? (I, II, III, IV?)

    – Which ones would you recommend, and on what system preferably?

    – I’d like some insight on PSO III, and wonder if it’s a worth-while game to add to my collection. Any thoughts ideas on it?

    – Last question:
    (Pulling a Maniac Maverick here… Sorry bro. =P)
    “If you had to fight against a really large end boss, who would you bring with you to fight him (podcast members only) and who would be the end all evil incarnation? (another member only).”

  • Correction: End* of Eternity.

  • goodlymike

    Who was your favorite character of them all?

  • What did you think of Alis Landale (Alisa), the only female main protagonist in the first 4 Phantasy Star games?

    I found the Phantasy Star games on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection to be quite daunting.
    Which Phantasy Star games should I start with, or give a second chance to in particular?

  • Halidar

    Do you think that SEGA will ever make another *proper* Phantasy Star game again? No MMO, no multilayer. Just a team of weird techno/fantasy dudes out to kill the big chaos dude. Again.

  • GamingFiend


    If they did I wonder how the online fans would feel. Would they accept a single player only game or would they freak out?

  • Manic Maverick

    Q1: Sonic Adventure on the 360. Excite faec or EXCITE FAEC!?

    Q2: If you could have the giant, deformed head of any washed up entertainer as a Mag, floating around your head on a daily basis, who would it be? And what abilities would that Mag grant you?

  • Isay_Isay

    Secret shame (among many) – I’ve never completed any of the original series. I would get drawn into something else and whenever I started back into PS I’d have no idea where I was or what to do next.

    Could any of the original entries be beaten without a walkthrough? Wouldn’t the hint lines just send you one if you got stuck anywhere in the first 2?

    Did have particular race and class in Phantasy Star Online?

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