Sonic Free Riders slated for Kinect launch date release

Get your wiggly side ready, because Sonic Free Riders is coming November 4th.  Say that’s Kinect’s launch date!  All of you looking forward to Kinect will be able to get your Sonic fill immediately.  The bad news, every time Kris Knigge wants to play, you’ll have to reset your Kinect to the size of “quite tall.”  I can’t wait to play as green lizard person.

The videos I’ve seen haven’t convinced me this will be fun, but I suppose it needs to be used to be believed.  Anyone demo this game yet?  Who will be picking this up?

[Source: Joystiq]

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  1. This sound like the most promising kinect game so far

  2. I am not excited for this game, unless they make it so I can play it with a controller if i want. I have no problem with the Sonic Riders series. I do, however, not want Kinect. Not even a teeny, tiny, microscopic little bit. If someone gives it to me for Christmas I will sell it to a second hand store and use the money to buy MS points to buy more Sega downloads.

  3. I saw the Giantbomb QL of this and yeah not very good looking to me. I’m sure it will sell like hot cakes since its Kinect and will probably have a giant Family Games sticker on it but I do not see this being that fun.

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