Un-used Sega controller patent found

Don’t get excited because unfortunately this does not confirm a new console or anything. This patent (which would be for an upcoming arcade cabinet) was applied in 2005, and granted last year. As you can see this hypothetical controller would have a joystick and a ton of buttons.

This discovery was found recently when someone was browsing a patent website, and came upon this. Hit the more button to see more of this controller if you absolutely must.

As you can see for some reason it would also have a clock. I have no idea what purpose this would have. But yeah, crazy Sega and their patents. What would the world be like if this controller was ever made? We may never know.

[Source: UK Resistance]

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  1. The clock could be for lap-times on racers or something of that nature.

  2. The clock would be for those with no clocks near by.

  3. Looks almost identical to their fantastic analog NiGHTS controller for the Saturn. The first design is most interesting, since it looks to also be a little arcade stick for fighting games, which with three D-pads officially makes that controller the be all end all.

    Have no clue about that clock…maybe to keep lap times in NiGHTS or something?

  4. Sorta reminds me of this story: http://seganerds.thekartel.com/blog/2009/03/02/sega_patents_controller

    Which further explains why you can detach the cable from the 3D NiGHTS controller. Even more proof of how much Sega was ahead of their time.

  5. Ahead of their TIME. Sorry.

    But looking at the clock again and thinking back to how Shenmue was originally developed for the Sega Saturn, I could see a clock device being useful for that game if it followed the in-game time.

    (sorry for the double-post)

  6. How the…Why…What…
    That looks like the most uncomfortable thing ever. You think the Dreamcast controller feels weird in your hands and then look at this thing. Crazy.

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