Sonic 4 gets trailer for Mad Gear Zone

Looks like the Sonic 4 hype machine is in full force as the release date slowly approaches and that means we get the tasty treat of another trailer, this time focusing on Mad Gear Zone. Now, I’m not happy with this because it reminds me of Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 and I fucking hate that level with the passion of a thousand red hot suns. But maybe this one will be good.

What do you think, though? Are you excited by all these trailers? Tell us in the comments, or not. Whatever you want to do, do it.

[Source: GameSpot]

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  1. Every new trailer that comes out gets me more excited for the game

  2. Daguru77:

    Every new trailer that comes out gets me more excited for the game

    this x1000

  3. Oh boy, I can see myself running into some of the spikes I see in that trailer. Either way, like Daguru77, each trailer easily excites me for the game.

  4. It will be okay as long as there aren’t more stages in Mad Gear than the other zones.

    This trailer is good but the parts without any background were kind of dull.

  5. Again the weirdness of the bounce and then he does a flip in the air makes it look weird. Just too 3Dy for me.

  6. I prefer the grey, red and blue aesthetic from previous Sonic games when it comes to the industrial levels. this one is too green, which thematically doesn’t make as much sense since these levels are always meant to be a counterpoint to the grassy nature worlds of Green Hill, etc. The gameplay looks fun, and unlike in other videos before this, quite challenging.

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