The Weekly Contest: Micro Machines Edition

And the winner of Sonic Adventure for PSN is…… homietheclown! How wonderful!

Up this week is a copy of Micro Machines for the Sega Genesis. If you don’t already know Micro Machines is an incredibly fun racing game and one of my favorite multiplayer games on the system. You drive little toy cars! Speaking of toy cars which did you play with more Micro Machines or Hot Wheels?

How to enter:

It’s simple really. At the end of each week (Saturday night), all of the comments left on any post on the site will be totaled up. Every comment you leave gives you one chance to be drawn as the winner of that week’s prize. So, the more commenting you do the better chance you have to win, but you do have a small chance of winning even if you only leave one comment that week.

Comments that are not relevant to a post will not count. They also have to have substance. Just saying “Awesome” on every post will get you nowhere, son. As long as you’re praising the author for a job well done, asking a question, adding some information, or even debating against one of the author’s points, your comment will count.

At the end of each week the comments will reset. Even if you left a bunch one week, you’ll have no entries unless you leave more the next week. But just think if you’re a big commenter you could potentially win four games a month! Wowza!

Readers Comments (4)

  1. Wow, I remember playing that game with my brother. It was really fun.

  2. Nice. This was an amazing game. I’m gonna say it stacks up there with great multiplayer racers such as Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing.

  3. So this is the physical copy of Micro Machine cartridge?

  4. Yeah this is for the Genesis cartridge.

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